Healthcare and Medical Outpatient Facilities Cleaning Services

A professional clean has become essential for the operation of any business, and nowhere is that more true than in the medical industry. Image Building Maintenance Inc. knows that healthcare facilities are required to operate highest cleaning standards to maintain the safety and health of all who enter. We recognize that the presentation and standard of cleanliness of your premises has a significant impact on the perception of your medical Facility. Image Building Maintenance Inc. has unique system and process that enables us to achieve top level of clean that reflects first class image that our clients really deserve.

Our Health Based Cleaning System features advanced technology, innovative methods and techniques to ensure a germ-free environment for patients, staff, and other visitors. From the waiting area to the operating room, our highly-trained team sets the gold standard in hospital-grade cleaning.

Regardless of the medical outpatient center, our cleaning experts are highly trained and experienced in identifying each facility’s specific problems. We do our best to provide a positive experience for your patients and visitors when they walk through your doors.

Whether you run a small clinic or a large hospital, we can tailor our services to meet your needs. We understand that each medical facility has different requirements when it comes to cleaning. But no worry, Our professionals will help you maintain a clean and healthy environment for your patients, staff, and visitors.

Why Choose Us?

Our Image Core 5 System Process is comprised of five critical cleaning components:

  • Hospital-Grade Disinfectants: Kills germs with EPA-registered chemicals.
  • Color-Coded Microfiber: Environmentally friendly cloths pick up 99% of soil while preventing germ spread.
  • HEPA Backpack Vacuum: Reduces dust and improves air quality with HEPA
  • No Dip Flat Mop/ Outdated Mop Buckets: Cleans without using dirty water for reduced cross-contamination.
  • Managed Consistent Performance and Results: Utilizing unique attendance and Quality Control software to monitor staff attendance and ongoing measurable service performance.


Image Building Maintenance is a leading company that cleans beyond appearance alone. Let us add your name to our satisfied VIP Costumers!
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